PJP Peer Reviewers to Receive Incentive

In an effort to further strengthen our peer review review process, and to move away from the traditional model of peer review – we announce that starting today, Psychreg Journal of Psychology (PJP) will offer incentive to all of our reviewers (including editorial board members).

Even though the purpose of peer review as a gatekeeper for research is undisputed, one of its criticisms is that there are usually no monetary transactions involved in the process.

Most publications favour the unpaid model of peer review. That’s their choice. But at PJP, we feel that there is a need to incentivise the reviewers for their time. Fundamentally, we believe that unpaid peer review is rather unfair, because reviewers’ time – just like everyone else’s – has a monetary value. 

However, as a self-funded, free-to-publish publication, we are not in a position to pay our reviewers and editorial board members. So instead, we will offer the following incentives for every completed review: 

  • £10 worth of Amazon voucher
  • Free registration to all future Psychreg conferences
  • Lifetime membership to the International Society of Psychology, Counselling and Education. 

Again, it’s not a payment – but a simple token of appreciation. 

PJP will remain open access and free to publish.

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