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60 minutes of Endurance Training Is Enough to Shift Body Clock in Mice

New research published today in The Journal of Physiology shows that just one 60 minutes bout of exercise shifted the muscle clocks of mice by around an hour in either direction. If this research is replicated in humans, it makes a case for prescribing exercise for night-shift workers and for treating diseases like heart disease, both of which can...

Ending Sue William’s Run of Bad Luck – Saint Francis Hospice

As the old saying goes: ‘Bad luck comes in threes’. That was certainly the case for Sue Williams when her washing machine, lawnmower, and car battery all conked out within a few days. Sue described her luck in competitions as ‘winning a couple of tenners here and there’, but nothing big – until the Saint Francis Hospice Lottery came along.

Moodbeam and Mintridge Foundation Join Forces to Promote Positive Mental Well-being

At a time when looking after our mental health and well-being has never been more important, health tech brand Moodbeam has forged a partnership with charity The Mintridge Foundation to further the ambitions of both organisations to create a more positive future for all.

Transformative Coaching at Work: Book Review of ‘Coaching with Impact at Work’ by Gill Graves

Coaching is fast becoming more popular both in and out of work. You may recall that in the early noughties that the former UK Prime Minister’s wife, Cheri Blair, made headlines when it was revealed she had a ‘lifestyle coach’. At the time, this was seen as an indulgence only available too... 

Latest on Psychreg Blog

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