June 2024: Volume 8, Issue 2

June 2024 • Volume 8, Issue 2
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ICPCE 2024 will be held in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, on 12–13 October 2024. This hybrid conference will allow participants to present either in person or remotely. All accepted submissions will be included in the inaugural issue of the ISPCE Bulletin. For more information, please see the call for abstracts.

Training a mind to feel good – the importance of long-term mental health care approaches
Alexander Loziak, Jurag Martonyik, & Ivan Schmidt
 doi: https://doi.org/m63v | PDF | News article

“Not too sure on how that would be defined, to be honest”: Exploring students’ understandings of the health effects of lifetime stress
Amy Sparrow & Jennie Dayes
 doi: https://doi.org/m797 | PDFNews article

Neurological conditions affect sleep quality and sexual functioning in men: A comparative analysis
Chandan Das
doi: https://doi.org/m8k6 | PDF | News article

An investigation of clean language questions benefits in managing relationship conflict: A narrative review
Daniela Munteanu & Glynis Freeman
doi: https://doi.org/m8k7 | PDF | News article

Intelligence is associated with being non-binary and unusual sexuality: Rare sexual orientation, gender non-conformism and intelligence in a large dating sample
Edward Dutton & Emil Kirkegaard
doi: https://doi.org/m8qm | PDF | News article

The views of tutors on the advantages and disadvantages of learning technology during COVID-19 lockdown
Elizabeth Kaplunov
doi: https://doi.org/m8x3 | PDF | News article

“Woke” nomenclature in health research: a descriptive study of terms used in titles and abstracts of articles indexed in PubMed
James L. Nuzzo
https://doi.org/m8x4 | PDF | News article

Advanced therapeutic interventions for sustained recovery: A structured group approach
Maxwell Guttman
https://doi.org/m822 | PDF | News article

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and mental disorder art therapy
Mohamad Nadim Adi & Mais M. Aljunaidy
https://doi.org/m823 | PDF | News article

A critical overview of the current treatment approaches offered to individuals experiencing depression
Natalie Quinn-Walker
https://doi.org/m824 | PDF | News article

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