June 2023: Volume 7, Issue 2

June 2023 • Volume 7, Issue 2
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The blog of Ethan Edwards: a case study on anti-contact non-offending paedophilia. How an individual identifies as a “celibate paedophile” and lives with his sexual attraction?
Alessio Udovisi
PDF | https://doi.org/ksn9 | News article

Weighing in: Mock jury perceptions of male sexual assault victims
Alexandra M. Zidenberg & Mark Olver
PDF | https://doi.org/kspb | News article

From sensory perception to maladaptation: Rethinking health conditions and mental disorders through an evolutionary lens
Cem Turaman
PDF | https://doi.org/kspc | News article

Gentle-men prefer faces: Intelligence, life history strategy, and sexual preference for attractive faces over attractive breasts, buttocks, and legs
Edward Dutton & Emil Kirkegaard
PDF | https://doi.org/kspd | News article

Can travel advisors influence physical activity in personal travel planning projects using the Theory of Planned Behaviour? A longitudinal study
Jolel Miah, Andy Guppy, & Erica Cook
PDF | https://doi.org/kspf | News article

‘It’s Okay That You’re Not Okay’: Meeting grief and loss in a culture that does not understand
Laura Jenkins
PDF | https://doi.org/kspg | News article

Translation and psychometric properties of the Dutch Parental Stress Scale
Marieke M. van der Knoop, Lisette J. Schmidt, & Billy Jansson
PDF | https://doi.org/ksph | News article

Interpreting signs in psychosis: A semiotic approach to self-management and treatment
Maxwell Guttman
PDF  | https://doi.org/kspj| News article

The relationship between physical effort and cognitive control
Richard Pham, Kevin Tran, Austin Swisher, Bassam Theodory, Marcus Cappiello, & Weiwei Zhang
PDF | https://doi.org/kspk | News article

Barriers to help-seeking in men
Ryan Elliott & Rebecca Owens
PDF | https://doi.org/kspm | News article

Reimagining the subconscious: A proposal for a revised understanding
Terence Watts
PDF | https://doi.org/kspn | News article

Cognitive heuristics are generalisation processes that reduce uncertainty
Troy Houser
PDF | https://doi.org/kspp | News article

Psychological characteristics of university students during a pandemic in relation to first generation, minority status, and gender
Vicki S. Gier & David S. Kreiner
PDF | https://doi.org/kspq | News article

Examining the profound effects of COVID-19 on mental health: A comprehensive systematic review on anxiety and depression
Yakubu Salifu; Paul Maurer; Elisabeta Oprina; Folashade Alloh; Josephine NwaAmaka Bardi; & Noureen Shivji
PDF | https://doi.org/ksps | News article

Enhancing coping skills for new management trainees: A programme based on coping effectiveness intervention
Zhuofeng Li
PDF | https://doi.org/kspt | News article

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