June 2021: Volume 5, Issue 1

June 2021 • Volume 5, Issue 1
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The psychosocial impact of attending a cancer choir: The benefits of social connectedness for people affected by cancer 
Bethan Collins, Hannah O’Mahoney, & Rachael Hunter
https://doi.org/gmf8 | PDF (4 MB)

Fully inhabiting the body to ‘just be’: The trajectory of a schizophrenic patient
Célia Vaz-Cerniglia, Amanda Comoretto, Margherita Merucci, & Annita Ventouris
https://doi.org/gf5f | PDF (2 MB)

The effects of age and political engagement on COVID-19 pandemic metamemory
Christie Chung, Marie Schulte-Bisping, & Shayna Berkowitz
https://doi.org/gf5k | PDF (3 MB)

Gender differences in happiness in association to cognitive flexibility among adults: An exploratory study 
Debaleena Ghosh & Susmita Halder
https://doi.org/gf52 | PDF (2 MB)

The religiousness-IQ nexus is not a Jensen effect: Evidence from the NLSY79
Edward Dutton & Gerhard Meisenberg
https://doi.org/gf54 | PDF (2 MB)

When the toaster knows what you are up to: The effect of mentalisation on the uncanny valley effect
Jan Ridder & Marc-André Reinhard
https://doi.org/gf53 | PDF (3 MB)

How therapists work with men is related to their views on masculinity, patriarchy, and politics

John A. Barry, Louise Liddon, Robert Walker, & Martin J. Seager
https://doi.org/gf55 | PDF (4 MB)

Can we experience relationship jealousy online? The effect of rival attractiveness
Martin Graff
https://doi.org/gf6g | PDF (2 MB)

Athletic identity: The role of race and gender in the athletic identification of British basketball players
Mitchell Rae & Laura Jenkins
https://doi.org/gf6t | PDF (5 MB)

Re-evaluating the idea of Gestalt psychology for assessment theory in teacher education
Adam Attwood
https://doi.org/ggbq | PDF (2 MB)

This generation has to overturn Freud’s iceberg
Amir Singh
https://doi.org/ggbs | PDF (999 KB)

Predictors of irrational beliefs and behaviours: A critical perspective
Katerina Flora
http://doi.org/10.5281/zenodo.4895458 | PDF (2 MB)

A review of the current measures used within the English courts for vulnerable individuals with autism spectrum disorder
Kathryn Devine, Dara Mojtahedi, & Derrol Kola-Palmer
https://doi.org/ggbv | PDF (2 MB)

Emotional intelligence: Theoretical analysis of the conceptual framework
Lorena Maxim
https://doi.org/ggwt | PDF (3 MB)

Maslow revised: How COVID-19 highlights a circle of needs, not a hierarchy
Lynne Taylor & Martin Seager
https://doi.org/ggwv | PDF (5 MB)

Protestant working ethics and the spirit of feminism: A critique of Martha Nussbaum’s capabilities approach
Markus Meier
https://doi.org/ggww | PDF (5 MB)

The upward mobility of recovery: Using lived experience to steer healing in the right direction
Maxwell Guttman
https://doi.org/ggwx | PDF (3 MB)

‘Design is a “bullshit” job’: The constraints of capitalism as a barrier to fulfilling psychological needs
Ramon Sampatasatien & Amoneeta Beckstein
https://doi.org/ggwz | PDF (2 MB)

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