December 2023: Volume 7, Issue 3

December 2023 • Volume 7, Issue 3
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Mental health interventions for university students: A critical review of literature
Folashade Alloh, Tadej Citi, Paul Maurer, Sylvia Nalubega, & Josephine NwaAmaka Bardi
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Exploring the role of optimism and subjective well-being in relation to fear of COVID-19
Lauren Telford & Jolel Miah
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Who makes better and quicker online dating decisions? 
Martin Graff
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Unravelling the intricacies of semiotics in social work: A novel approach to enhancing client understanding and intervention
Maxwell Guttman
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Personal growth and psychological well-being after a romantic break
Mihaela-Laurenția Tiron & Andreea Ursu
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“There are many powers in the world, for good or for evil. Some are greater than I am.”: The impact of morality and winning on identifying with fictional characters
Nathan Hook
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Pursuing happiness in the 21st century: Connecting with nature to mitigate environmental problems
Orose Leelakulthanit
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Exploring the impact of food lifestyle and community health for developing a nutrition and wellness plan
Sonia Janice L. Pilao, Gemma Rose Marie Gornez, Luzette Mijares, Honey Liza Tamayo, Joyce Paradero, Eura Jayne Macario, & Dennis Relojo-Howell
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Relations of racial-ethnic diversity and trust to volunteering rates in the 50 American States
Stewart McCann
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The effect of weight loss/gain on the recognition of a long-term missing person
Vicki S. Gier, Jennifer Higgins Meece, David S. Kreiner, & Rona dela Rosa
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