December 2022: Volume 6, Issue 4

December 2022 • Volume 6, Issue 4
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The relationship between anger experience and relationship satisfaction: The mediating role of emotion regulation
Andreea Ursu & Nicoleta Turliuc
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The significance of cognitive learning over preparedness theory in the development of animal phobia
Camille Renee
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The effects of unemployment on locus of control: A meta-analysis
David Fairburn & Mark Hoelterhoff
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Big five factors of personality in predicting the psychological symptoms as a response to the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic
Elham Khalil, Amal Kamal,  & Omnia El-Shenawy
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Careers transitions in professional dancers: Reflections and adaptation during and post-COVID-19
Irina Roncaglia
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Underperformance on the Mathematics SAT exam correlates with being underrepresented in the STEM workforce
Ivan Kramer
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Exploring training and supervision experiences of facilitators of men’s behaviour change programmes: A qualitative study
Jo-lene Kashkooli-Ellat
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An overview of positive psychological therapies and interventions for enhancing and sustaining happiness
Keiko Aoyagi & Amoneeta Beckstein
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The pattern of handedness and schizotypal personality trait association among healthy Malays and healthy non-Malays in Malaysia
Mohamad Farhan Huszaimi Bin Pajar &  Mohamed Faiz Bin Mohamed Mustafar
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Health needs of men who have sex with men (MSM) who engage in chemsex in London
Natalie Quinn-Walker
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Self-transcendence: An alternative way of achieving human well-being
Orose Leelakulthanit
PDF (5 MB) |

How is a man supposed to be a man? Male childlessness: A life course disrupted
Richard Bradford
PDF (2 MB) |

The relationship between perfectionism and impostor syndrome in athletes
Valerie Dennehy & Thomas Whitley
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Face recognition abilities of a long-term missing female child missing for 14 years
Vicki Gier & David Kreiner
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Reading interrupts! The effects of receiving and sending text messages on reading, learning, and metacognition
Vicki Gier & David Kreiner
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