December 2017: Volume 1, Issue 2

December 2017 • Volume 1, Issue 2 
ISSN: 2515-138X
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Research Articles

  • Exploring emotional intelligence, mood regulation and reflective coping in a clinical population
    Avril Truttero-Clark | PDF (379 KB) 
  • Defence mechanism and coping strategy use associated with self-reported eating pathology in a non-clinical sample
    Ashley Coveney and Mark Olver | PDF (711 KB)          
  • Emotional intelligence in teaching: Comparison between teacher-practitioners in the United Kingdom and India
    Gobinder Singh Gill and Shraddha Sankulkar | PDF (376 KB)
  • Impact of the human behaviour map psychotherapeutic model in depressive disorder
    Joana Oliveira, Catarina Certal and Cécile Domingues  | PDF (326 KB)
  • Case study of peer victimisation of Indian students in New Zealand: Causes and consequences
    Soumen Acharya  | PDF (358 KB)


  • Blog psychology: Insights, benefits, and research agenda on blogs as a dynamic medium to promote the discipline of psychology and allied fields
    Dennis Relojo  | PDF (183 KB) 
  • The theoretical and methodological problems in the usage of police personality measurement to predict job performance
    Davut Akca  | PDF (223 KB) 
  • Intramuscular inject and its impact on perspectives in mental health medication, psychotherapy, ethics, peer process, and recovery
    Maxwell Guttman | PDF (196 KB)


  • Interview with Dr Bruce Cohen, editor of the ‘Routledge International Handbook of Critical Mental Health’
    Dennis Relojo | PDF (98 KB) 
  • Interview with Dr Stella Dickinson, author of ‘The Clinician’s Guide to Forensic Music Therapy’
    Dennis Relojo | PDF (108 KB) 

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