Call for Papers: Special Issue on Male Psychology

Male psychology deals with the thinking, emotion, and behaviour of men and boys and the factors which have an impact on them.

As Levant (1996) pointed out that the psychology of men emerged within the larger fields of men’s studies and gender studies. Informed by the academic breakthroughs of feminist scholarship, the field men examines masculinity not as a normative referent, but rather as a problematic construct. 

Within such a construct, a better understanding of the gendered needs of men and boys will also enable the development of more tailored and appropriate psychological interventions for male service users to the benefit of all in society.

The December 2020 issue of Psychreg Journal of Psychology will be a special issue on male psychology. We particularly academic research papers on issues that are under-researched within male psychology and related topics.  

The overarching aim of this special issue is to expand our understanding of the full diversity of the human condition on an inclusive basis by enriching our knowledge of men and boys alongside women and girls, both in their differences and in their common humanity.

Topics that might be covered include, but are not limited to: 

  • domestic violence
  • gamma bias
  • men’s mental health and well-being
  • sex differences
  • toxic masculinity

The special issue will be guest edited by Dr John Barry and our submission guidelines can be found here.

Please submit your paper by Tuesday 1st September 2020, 5pm GMT.

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