Psychreg Journal of Psychology (PJP) welcomes submissions from all researchers in psychology and allied fields, and particularly encourages submissions from postgraduate researchers. PJP is published in June and December, but will continuously accept submissions throughout the year.

Submissions may present new research, critical theory, or best practice and could highlight practical lessons learned from experience in different settings, or countries.

Like most journals, PJP has a policy of double-blind peer review, whereby the reviewers do not know the author, and the paper is anonymously presented to the reviewers.

PJP publishes the following:

  • Research articles – These are double-blind, peer-reviewed articles that make a scholarly contribution to the field of psychology. Research articles are 6,000–8,000 words in length, excluding references. 
  • Book reviews – PJP’s main issues feature at least one book review of a recent (less than three years old) publication focusing on themes relevant to psychology, mental health and well-being.
  • Interviews – These are featured conversations between leading specialists on the field. 
  • Commentaries  – The editorial board may commission a commentary from a specialist who can provide timely analysis on topics relevant to contemporary scholarship.

Spelling and style

All submissions should follow the APA Style Guide and use British English spelling. Please use standard British English spelling of words such as ‘centre’ or ‘behaviour’. Where British English has alternative spellings of words such as ‘recognize’/‘recognise’, please use the ‘s’ form, e.g., ‘summarise’. 

Web references in PJP are archived with WebCite ®

As cited URLs tend to disappear months or years after citing online material, PJP requires that (instead of citing ‘live’ webpages and websites in the article) authors use the WebCite ® technology to archive cited web references first before they cite them.

Please go to and enter the URL you want to cite. The system will take a ‘snapshot’ of the webpage or online document (e.g., pdf) so that it will remain available for future readers. WebCite will also give you detailed instructions on how to cite the web reference.

Electronic journal articles should not be archived with WebCite if they can be expected to be ‘stable’ e.g., available in libraries and/or carry a DOI, but all other material which might disappear in the future should be archived first by the citing author. For further information on WebCite see also this article 

Example for citing a web reference

Preferred format for submissions to PJP (note that the access/archiving date does not need to be provided because it can be retrieved by the reader when clicking on the WebCite link):

Fox S, Fallows D. 2003. Internet Health Resources. . Archived at:

The access date will be automatically added during copyediting.

Authors are not required to pay any fees for publishing their work in this academic journal. Email your submissions to:

You can read PJP’s publication ethics and malpractice statement here.